Kasper Aamodt

A new chapter

Today is an exciting day for me. My company Aamodt Group has always been a side project for me, but as of today, I’m going to work on it full time. As a part of this, I’m also changing the company’s name from Aamodt Group to Accelr. When I started this little side gig, I wanted to have my last name in the company name, inspired by Robert Herjavec in Herjavec Group.

But now, my priorities are different, and so are my goals. I want to start a company that grows into something bigger than me. So that’s why I’m changing the name to Accelr. Accelr, shortened from accelerating, based on my goal for all the customers we work for:

Accelerating growth with technical solutions

You can visit our brand new website here: accelr.io